Librarian - Amb. Chishala Francis




To advance the intellectual vitality, knowledge and creativity of the Ministry of Agriculture Training Institutions in Zambia.


Challenging ourselves to be at the center of intellectual inquiry for ZCA, we will:

  • Promote the knowledge and use of collections and services
  • Champion learning experiences that stimulate and inspire
  • Engage with all members of Agriculture and Livestock Training Institutions community
  • Steward library collections, facilities, and resources
  • Provide creative spaces for participation and discovery
  • Embrace a culture of research, innovation and exploration


Agriculture and Livestock Training Institutions Libraries are committed to the following values:


Guided by the principles of intellectual freedom and the protection of privacy, we build trust through accountability and fiscal responsibility. We act with honesty, openness, fairness, and professionalism in our interactions with each other, our collaborators, and those served by the .Libraries.


We build and provide access to high quality collections and services. With a focus on critical thinking, we teach our students and community to evaluate resources. We build tools that enable knowledge creation and intellectual vitality to flourish.


We strive to be embedded in campus life and aware of the Zambian community’s needs. Using innovative approaches, we connect people and knowledge. We meet the challenges of an ever evolving environment through collaboration, creativity, flexibility, and the empowerment of individuals.


Through collaboration and teamwork, we invite partnerships with the Agriculture and Livestock community and the greater Zambian community. We are committed to open and respectful communication that is vital to successful collaboration.


We identify, preserve, and ensure access to the scholarly and historic records of lasting value to the Agriculture and Livestock Training Institutions and the community. We practice sustainable collection management by building and nurturing supportive relationships within the Libraries, our campus, and the broader community.

Equity and Inclusion

We aspire to make the Fisheries and Livestock community feel welcome in the Library. We actively support recognition and respect for different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We are committed to the success of all.





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